No Safe Haven

Zolani: Something isn’t right here, . (Zolani warily looks out over the village below.) Zul knew where to find me, and it would not surprise me if he already knows where we are hiding the King. The people of Zeb’ahari are in danger. Go down into the village and send them to me. We can more easily defend this position than the entirety of the beach. Go quickly, and keep an eye out for Zul’s followers.


Rally 15 Zeb’ahari villagers.

No Safe Haven



TIP: The objective is to talk to friendly Zeb’ahari Villager. Some are found on the beach, others at the small peninsula to the east.

Zeb’ahari Villager: Be some strange t’ings going on in dis village. Folk sneakin’ about. Ya know anythin’ about dat?

(Your village is in danger. Go to Zolani at the big hut.)

Zeb’ahari Villager: If ya say so.

Zeb’ahari Villager: I heard sometin’ happened up at deh great pyramid. Any idea what be goin’ on, mon?

Zeb’ahari Villager: Don’ have tah tell me twice.

Zeb’ahari Villager: So. Our king be dead?

Zeb’ahari Villager: Been seein’ lots of unfamiliar faces lately. Be careful.

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: Hope ya be comin’ with some news. What happen tah ol’ Rastakhan?

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: I got work tah do! Dis bettah be good.

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: Who you be?

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: Dis no good!

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: Bettah not be wastin’ my time, mon.

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: Dey be sayin’ Zul deh Prophet be leadin’ us now. Dat true?

Zeb’ahari Fishermon: I gettin’ outtah here! Somethin’ bad is comin’!



Zolani: Brace yourself, (Name). Zul will not stop while Rastakhan’s fate remains in the balance.


No Safe Haven


1. Vol'dun6. Answering their Attacks
2. Discreet Discussions7. Dressed for Battle
3. Rumors of Exile8. Plans for Attack
4. Into the Dunes9. An Explosive Exit
5. Armed and Ready
10. Restorative Venom15. Secrets in the Sand
11. Freshly Squeezed16. The Warguard's Trail
12. A Balm to Calm17. Grozztok the Blackheart
13. Searching for Survivors18. Stolen Satchels
14. Knickknack Takeback
| Temple of Akunda
19. On the Move27. Akunda Awaits
20. The Perfect Offering28. Valley of Sorrows
21. Powerful Conductors29. Memory Breach
22. Sacred Remains30. Shattered and Broken
23. Vile Infestation31. Repairing the Past
24. Cleanse the Mind32. Ending the Madness
25. It Springs Eternal33. Akunda's Blessing
26. Trial of Truth34. Clearing the Fog
A. Fond Farewells
| Zul'Ahjin
35. Knowledge of the Past39. Effective Antivenom
36. Search the Ruins40. The Secrets of Zul'Ahjin
37. Creeping Death41. Hollow, Empty Eyes
38. Nature's Remedy42. Sulthis' Stone
| Terrace of the Devoted
43. Unlikely Allies46. Push Them Back!
44. A Powerful Prisoner47. The Keepers' Keys
45. Break Their Ranks
A. Wanted: Sandscout Vesarik
| Slithering Gulch
48. The Missing Key56. Diplomacy and Dominance
49. Infiltrating the Empire57. Don't Drop It... Yet
50. The Little Ones58. Vengeance From Above
51. Allies of Anarchy59. Forced Grounding
52. Ready to Riot60. Infuriating The Emperor
53. Make Them Fear Us61. Relics of Sethraliss
54. Crater Conquered62. Fall of Emperor Korthek
55. Light Up The Gulch
Continues in Slithering Gulch
A. Skycaller Shutdown
| Sanctuary of the Devoted
63. Sanctuary Under Siege66. Defeat Jakra'zet
64. Atul'Aman67. Informing the Horde
65. The Abandoned Passage68. Temple of Sethraliss: Avatar of the Loa


1. A Lost Flute6. Calldown: Cleaner
2. A Charming Tail7. Get Us Some Beach
3. Just A Nip8. Power Problems
4. My Hungry Neighbor9. Charging The Batteries
5. Keep It Down!10. Awakened Elements
1. Building Our Arsenal3. Risky Rescue
2. Skycaller Slaughter
1. Crab Trapping7. Jungleweb Infestation
2. They Came From The Sea8. All Webbed Up
3. Hidden Motives9. Offering For The Loa
4. Elder's Wisdom10. The Curse of Mepjila
5. The Ruined Temple11. Wrath of the Tiger
6. Blessing of Kimbul12. Mark of the Loa
1. Unleash The Beasts3. Free Ride
2. Untame Slaughter
1. A Meal For Birds2. Aided Escape
1. Ranishu Are Resources4. An Army's Arsenal
2. They've Got Golems5. Siphoning Souls
3. Inconvenient Spirits6. The Strongest Rope in Vol'dun
1. Ranah's Wrench4. Let it Flow
2. We Can Salvage The Seeds5. The Source of the Problem
3. Wither Without Water
1. Magic Decoder Device3. Expedite The Excavation
2. Rescue The Relics4. Power of the Overseer
1. If The Key Fits...2. The Master Key
1. Dead Men Tell No Tales4. The Captain's Cache
2. Seafaring Necessities5. Crabby Crew Stew
3. Captain Hartford6. Gang Bustin'
1. Seeking Shelter12. Liquid Motivation
2. I've Got Your Back13. Tongo
3. Hungry Mouths To Feed14. Stolen Goods
4. I Heard You Lost The Herd15. Bandit Blades
5. Alpacas Gone Wild16. Arming The Tribe
6. Mystery Meat17. Mojambo
7. Volduni Fried Chicken18. Wanted: Za'roco
8. The Chef's Apprentice19. Camp Lastwind
9. Savage Saurolisks20. Wasteland Survivor
10. They Might Be Delicious21. Saurid Surprise
11. Snarltooth's Last Laugh
1. Lost In Zem'lan8. The Golden Isle
2. The Day The Port Fell9. Our Share of the Plunder
3. Overdue Mutiny10. The First Time I Died
4. The Yard Arm of the Law11. This Be Mutiny
5. My Last Day Alive12. Escaping Zem'lan
6. The Grinning Idols13. Wanted: Taz'raka The Traitor
7. Maroon 'Em With Fire14. Captain Gulnaku's Treasure
1. Meet the Goldtusk Gang8. Harvesting "Honey"
2. Dirty Work For Dirty Drinks9. Unconventional Aromatics
3. Rhan'ka's Lost Friend10. Powerful Spirits
4. The Great Cranium Caper11. Creative Marketing
5. Gozda'kun The Slaver12. Restocking The Buffet
6. Wanted: Cobra Excursion Participants13. The Best Kill is Overkill
7. The Best Honey In Vol'dun14. A Goldtusk Greeting
1. Nazmir6. Improper Burial
2. Journey to Nazmir7. Ending the Blood Trolls
3. Nazmir, The Forbidden Swamp8. A Time of Revelation
4. Into The Darkness9. The Aid of the Loa
5. Leave None Standing
10. The Shadow of Death16. Remnants of the Damned
11. A Culling of Souls17. A Desecrated Temple
12. Spiritual Restoration18. A Lonely Spirit
13. The Necropolis19. The Forlorn Soul
14. A Tribute For Death20. Soulbound
15. That Which Haunts The Dead21. We'll Meet Again
A. Mark of the Damned
22. Blood Troll On The Outside27. Mark of the Bat
23. Sneaking Into Zalamar28. Hir'eek, the Bat Loa
24. Isolating Zalamar29. To Kill A Loa
25. How To Be A Good Troll30. Upward and Onward
26. Poisoning the Brood
A. Zalamar Slaughter
31. Hunting Zardrax42. Cease All Summoning
32. Offer of Power43. Dreadtick Combustion
33. Projection Destruction44. Souls For the Death Loa
34. Power Denied45. Speaking With The Dead
35. Humbling the Terrors46. Negative Blood
36. Conduit Interruption47. Forcing Fate's Hand
37. All Hope is Lost48. Loa-Free Diet
38. Payback's A Lich49. Crushing The Skullcrushers
39. Catching Up50. Sanctifying Ground
40. Torga, The Turtle Loa51. Jungo, Herald of G'huun
41. Beseeching Bwonsamdi52. Torga's Eternal Return
A. Bonus Objectives: Stopping Zardrax
B. Bonus Objectives: Tortolla Rescue
53. To Gloom Hollow58. There Is No Plan "B"
54. Getting The Message59. Pilfering and Fencing
55. Rendezvous With The Libation60. Head of the Viper
56. No Goblin Left Behind61. Field Evaluation
57. Revenge: Served Hot
A. Bonus Objectives: The Libation's Liberation
62. Ready For Action67. A True Loa Feast
63. Staying Hidden68. A Magical Glow
64. Hunt The Hunter69. Totemic Restoration
65. Fallen Idols70. Krag'wa The Terrible
66. The Last Witch Doctor of Krag'wa
A. A Poisonous Touch
71. Krag'wa's Aid78. Blood Purification
72. Slumber No More79. Not Fit For This Plane
73. Recovering Remnants80. Void is Prohibited
74. Corrupted Earth81. Protocol Recovery
75. How To Repair A Titan Keeper82. Containment Procedure
76. Bone Procession83. Return to Gloom Hollow
77. Unwelcome Undead
84. Down By The Riverside91. Petitioning Krag'wa
85. Rally The Warriors92. The Crawg Ma'da
86. The Battle of Bloodfire Ravine93. A Message of Blood and Fire
87. Undying Totems94. Ateena's Fall
88. Boom Goes The Bomb95. What Rots Beneath
89. The Road of Pain96. The Underrot: Sealing Ghunn's Corruption
90. Target of Opportunity95. Halting The Empire's Fall
A. Bonus Objectives: Raiding The RaidersC. Taking the Loa Road (Jani)
B. The Ancient Curse


1. Bwonsamdi's Deliverance4. Bones For Protection
2. Respecting the Rites5. The Fall of Kel'vax
3. Kel'vax's Home
1. Surprise Backup5. Show of Force
2. Getting a Leg Up6. Didn't Stop To Think If They Should
3. Reuniting the Company7. Return to Dust
4. No Mercy For Sithis
1. Zuldazar7. Restraining Order
2. Trust of a King8. Competitive Devotion
3. The Zanchuli Council9. Dire Situation
4. Forbidden Practices10. Picking a Side
5. Offensively Defensive11.a Pa'ku, Master of Winds
11.b Gonk, Lord of the Pack
6. Pterrortorial Dispute12. The Bargain is Struck
Additional Quests not required for Achievement
13. Pests14. Curse of Jani
13. Tal'gurub19. Zuvembi Brew
14. Needs a Little BodyA. Preparing For The Fall
15. The Urn of Voices20. Enforcing Fate
16. Fuel for the Voodoo21. Plot Twist
17. Arrogance of Vol'jamba22. False Prophecies
18. Zul's Ethical Dilemma
23. The Port of Zandalar28. Evidence of Evil
24. Shakedown29. The Word of Zul
25. Deterrent30. Punishment of Tal’Aman
26. Witch Doctor Jala31. Punishment of Tal’farrak
27. The Red Market32. Royal Report
Additional Quests (Not required for achievement)
33. The Scamps34. Mista Nice
35. A Port in Peril40. Show of Strength
36. Wrath of the Zandalari41. Crumbling Apart
37. No Troll Left Behind42. Thunder's Fall
38. Spirits' Belongings43. The Prophet's Ploy
39. Embrace the Voodoo
63. Midnight in the Garden of the Loa
58. The Terrace of the Chosen64. The Hunter
59. Zanchuli Traitors65. The Ancient One
60. Rescuing the Taken66. The Venom Queen (Deprecated)
61. Raal67. Mistress of Lies
62. The Walls Have Ears68. Zanchuli Disbanded (Deprecated)
Additional Quest not required for this Achievement
77. Gonk's Champion
45. The Wounded King51. Zul's Mutiny
46. In Bwonsamdi's Shadow. A Strange Port of Call
47. Ancient Tortollan Remedies52. The Temple of Rezan
48. The Scent of Vengeance53. House of the King
49. No Safe Haven54. Heads Will Roll
50. The Loa-Speaker's Betrayal55. Partners in Heresy
. Mending Body and Soul56. To Sacrifice a Loa
. The Will of the Loa
. Rastakhan's Might
. King or Prey
69. Hunting Zul73. City of Gold
70. The Warpack74. The King's Gambit
71. Heretics75. Atal’Dazar: Yazma the Fallen Priestess
72. The Full Prophecy76. Of Dark Deeds and Dark Days
Additional Quest not required for this Achievement
77. Gonk's Champion
1. The Blood Gate6. The New Frontline
2. Ticks7. Bulwark of Torcali
3. They Want Us Alive8. Prepare for a Siege
4. Rokhan9. Zandalar Forever (Scenario)
5. Warmother


1. Kaja’mite? Kaja’must!4. Gorilla Warfare
2. Kaja'mite Ore Bust5. Wanted: Sabertusk Empress
3. King Da'ka6. Wanted: Prime Thumpknuckle
Gorilla Gorge
1. Monstrous Matchmaker6. Brutal Boost
2. The Scent for a Brutosaur7. Mating Season Halftime
3. They say it's a delicacy8. Give it a little Juice
4. Setting the Mood9. Size Matters
5. Aggressive Mating Strategy10. The Head of her Enemy
1. The Missing Handler8. Growing Pains
2. The Orphaned Hatchling9. How To Train Your Direhorn
3. Direhorn Daycare10. A Good Spanking
4. Ravenous Landsharks11. Naptime
5. Headbutting 10112. Wings for the Kraal
6. Direhorn Growth Hormone13. Queenfeather
7. DGH: Now With Real Direhorn
WANTED: Jabra'kan
The Great Hat Robbery (Jani)
1. Nesingwary's Trek6. The Neverending Duel
2. He’s Gone Mad!7. Predatory
3. Dire Consequences8. Hunting the Hunter
4. Die, Die, Diemetradon9. Headhunter Jo
5. Hunt for King K’tal
A. Trouble in the Rootway
1. Wreckage of the Cataclysm6. Word from the Deep
2. The Scrolls of Gral7. Hidden Betrayals
3. Saving for Later8. Clear the Riffraff
4. Awaken a god9. Inform the Horde
5. Beneath the Waves
1. Who Seeks the Seekers?6. Scrollhunters
2. Perfect Tidings7. A Special Stone
3. Tiny Treasures8. Find their Words
4. Caged Wisdom9. A Different Outcome
5. Lost Chelonians
1. The Bones of Xibala5. A Nose for Magic
2. The Bloodwatcher Legacy6. A Dark (Iron) Tide
3. Scrying for the Eye7. Grand Theft Telemancy
4. Archaeological Efficiency8. Wanted: Dark Chronicler
1. Sandscar Breach4. The Sethrak Incursion
2. I Spy a Spire5. Skycaller Soltok
3. Lil’ Tika
1. Keep Them On Task4. The Wreckoning
2. Crabulous Feast5. The Things They Carried
3. Put a Pin in it6. Let’s Have a Blast
1. Sending Out An SOS5. Against The Tide
2. Send The Signal!6. Destroy The Weapon
3. Key To The Brig7. Hope's Blue Light
4. Not "Only Zul"
1. Wanted: Darkspeaker Jo'la

The War Campaign takes you to set a foothold on the Alliance land of Kul Tiras. At the beginning, you can choose one of three foothold destinations: Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, or Stormsong Valley.

The first foothold choice of the War Campaign starts at level 112. Second foothold unlocks at level 114. Island Expedition unlocks at level 116. The Third foothold unlocks at level 118. Unlocking all three Footholds unlocks access to World Quests & the Flight Master's Whistle reward.

1. The War Campaign10. Advancing Our Tactics
2. The Warcache11. The Motherlode!!: Raw Deal (Level 115)
3. Time for War12. The Azerite Advantage (Level 116)
4. Mission from the Warchief13. Island Expedition
5. War Campaign Table: War of Shadows14. Pushing Our Influence (Level 118)
6. Reinforcements15. The Third Foothold (Level 118)
7. The Kul Tiras Campaign16. A Mission of Unity (Level 120)
8. Deep Into Kul Tiras (Level 114)17. Uniting Zandalar (Level 120)
9. The Ongoing Campaign
1. A Trip Across the Ocean5. I Hope There's No Witches In The Mountains
2. Drustvar Ho!6. Krazzlefrazz Outpost
3. Profit and Reconnaissance7. Champion: Hobart Grapplehammer
4. Wiccaphobia8. Return to Zuldazar
1. The Warlord's Call7. Almost Worth Saving
2. Storming In8. Douse The Flames
3. The Wall of Iron9. Reclaiming What's Ours
4. On The Hunt10. Champion: Rexxar
5. Onward!11. Return to Zuldazar
6. Hunt Them Down
1. Shiver Me Timbers7. A Change In Direction
2. Swashbuckling in Style8. I'm The Captain Now
3. Parleyin' Wit Pirates9. Marking Our Territory
4. Spike The Punch10. Champion: Shadow Hunter Ty'jin
5. Cannonball Collection11. Return to Zuldazar
6. Thar She Blows!


1. Breaking Kul Tiran Will7. Explosivity
2. Into the Heart of Tirigarde8. Ammunition Acquisition
3. Our Mountain Now9. Gunpowder Research
4. Making Ourselves at Home10. A Bit of Chaos
5. Bridgeport Investigation11. Death Trap
6. Explosives in the Foundry12. The Bridgeport Ride


Honorbound Friendly 1600 Reputation

1. Operation: Grave Digger5. Our Lot in Life
2. A Stroll Through a Cemetery6. The Crypt Keeper
3. Examining the Epitaphs7. What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine
4. State of Unrest

Honorbound Honored Reputation

Talk to the Honorbound emissary Ransa Greyfeather. You can now buy Scouting Report: Wolf's Den and Scouting Report: Swiftwind Post from her. Open your inventory bag. Click the item to consume it. Nothing happens onscreen. Simply go straight to your Mission Table. The quest is now available there. Send Followers to complete the Mission Table quest.

Tiragarde Sound Flightpath
1. Mission Report: The Wolf's Den
2. The Wolf's Den
Drustvar Flightpath
1. Mission Report: Swiftwind Post
2. Swiftwind Post
3. Mission Report: Nature Calls
4. Nature Calls

Honorbound Honored 3000 Reputation

This quest pops onscreen below the mini-map when you reach 3000 Honored with the Honorbound.

1. Operation: Water Wise6. Scattering Our Enemies
2. Tracking Tidesages7. Zelling's Potential
3. No Price Too High8. Whatever Will Be
4. They Will Know Fear9. To Be Forsaken
5. Commander and Captain

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